Green Home Construction in Austin

Casa Bella Homes strive to incorporate environmentally conscious products into everything we create – including our construction materials. Brady and his team are among the most committed and well-trained providers of green home construction solutions.

What is green construction?

Green construction implements products and methods that are environmentally
This can be done in many ways, from using recycled building materials, reusing excess
at other jobs sites, or just being mindful of the resources used. Casa Bella Homes employs green
construction strategies in each project, helping save the environment while saving costs as well.

Green Building Strategies

Here are just a few of the green building strategies we employ:

  • Portion of extra windows, doors and cabinets donated to Habitat for Humanity
  • Trusses, metal roof and screws are reused at other locations whenever possible
  • Portion of lumber, windows and doors are utilized by workers on the job
  • Unusable material is ground up into mulch
  • Old materials reused at another site (ex. Stone from an old fireplace)
  • Adjusting home orientation for proper ventilation
  • Optimum sun exposure for solar efficiency and window placement
  • Utilizing the latest “green” building materials such as Oriented Strand Board

Why green construction?

Green building products last longer, are created in an environmentally sound manner,
improve indoor air quality, and conserve natural resources.
Green products increase performance and
reduce maintenance, so your home will also have a higher resale value when it comes time to sell.

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