Solar Panel Installation in Austin

Solar Energy – The Future is Now

Gone are the days when solar technology was clunky, hard to use, and prohibitively expensive. In recent years, solar energy technology has become more user-friendly and much less expensive. It has matured to become a viable energy alternative for the ordinary family home. Solar technology allows a family to save money and be environmentally responsible by utilizing the ultimate renewable energy source – the sun.

How do solar energy products work?

This advanced technology utilizes panels that collect solar radiation. This radiation is then transformed into useful heat using a solar collector. This stored energy most commonly provides hot water to your home, but can also be used for central heating, under-floor heating and can even warm your swimming pool. The solar collector stores the energy so you’ll be taken care of not only on sunny days but cooler, windy days as well.

Why incorporate solar energy products into your Austin home?

  • Solar energy is free, clean and safe
  • Solar panels reduce carbon dioxide emissions – the leading cause of global warming
  • Reduce your carbon footprint – solar energy produces no waste or pollution
  • Solar energy products can result in substantial savings on your monthly heating and water bills – and even more as the cost of natural fossil fuels escalates in the coming years

What types of solar energy products does Casa Bella Homes offer?

Solar cells are placed side by side and enclosed in a glass unit to protect them from wind and rain. The panels are then placed on the roof of your home to convert sunlight to energy. The energy is used as needed, and the remainder is stored in a battery for later use. Solar panels work best to heat water and produce electricity.

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