Wind Energy and Turbines in Austin

What is wind energy and how does it work?

The best and most readily available way to use wind energy is through a small turbine installed near your home. Most turbines are placed on a tower near your home. They collect kinetic energy from the wind, then convert it to electricity you can use in your home. For additional details, see our wind energy product offerings listed below.

What are the benefits of using wind energy?

  • Wind energy is pollution free. Over its life, a wind turbine can offset nearly 1.2 tons of air pollutants.
  • Wind energy is among the most affordable and efficient forms of renewable energy for residential applications.
  • Harvesting the wind saves natural resources.

What types of wind energy products does Casa Bella Homes offer?

Wind turbines are placed at a high spot on your property to convert wind into energy for your home, and work best when wind speed is 7-10 mph or more. When the wind speed isn’t this high, you can utilize power from your local utility company.

Although most wind turbines look similar to one another, you have many types to choose from when considering implementing one into your home. The variety of wind turbines available vary based on overall size, monthly output, minimum startup wind speed, voltage and more.

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There are many government & local energy rebates and tax credits available at this time.

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